October 19, 2010

Apple Killed It's 4Q Earnings

     Apple(AAPL) blew past what anyone was expecting by about 60 cents per share. Apple sold more than 14 million iPhones, iPads are outpacing new Macs in sales, and they even admitted they could of probably sold more iPhones if they could produce them faster. What does this all mean? It basically means that Apple is a pretty safe investment in the tech industry. I personally feel that the stock will go up to $350 at least over the next year or sooner. While the stock is down in after hours due to Apple not being more aggressive in its forecasts, I don't see it as a big deal. Apple has always been a conservative company since Steve Jobs came back. They are not the type of company to over promise their coming quarters.

     I personally see Apple raising its guidance half way through the quarter. Their mobile devices are unstoppable and there are no rivals that are looking like they have the ability to take down Apples market share. Android might have more of the market now, however not all Android devices are the same. Many are running old software that can't run certain apps on the Android market. If you categorized iOS devices as a whole vs. Android, there is no comparison. iOS has the developers, the apps, and the customer satisfaction to withstand Androids sheer diversity among new smartphones.

     The pullback that is going on right now into tomorrow morning would be a good time to get in at a bit of a discount off of its high. Apple is going higher. Its has over 50 billion in cash, hot new products, and amazing growth potential. Its one of the safest tech stocks around.

The author of this article owned no shares of Apple (AAPL) at the time of this article.

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